IP Formality

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Short-term Patent
Type:Short-term Patent
Duration:8 years from the filing date
Filing Requirements:

An application can be filed directly at the Hong Kong Patents Registry. No official search and substantive examination will be conducted. The patent will be granted after passing a formality examination. 

The specification shall contain one or more claims but not exceeding one independent claim.

Required Information and Documents:
  • Applicant’s name and address;
  • Inventor’s name and address;
  • A Chinese or English patent specification;
  • The title of the invention in both English and Chinese;
  • An abstract in both English and Chinese;
  • An original (or certified copy) of search report made by one of the international searching authorities under Article 16 of Patent Co-operation Treaty;
  • If convention priority is claimed, the name of the country or territory where the priority application was filed, the priority application number and the priority filing date are required;
  • A photocopy of the certified priority document. If it is not in English or Chinese, a sworn English or Chinese translation of the document is required;
  • If the applicant is not the same applicant as named in the priority patent application, a statement explaining the applicant’s right to apply (for example a copy of an assignment) is required;
  • If non-prejudicial disclosure is claimed, the name and place of the prescribed exhibition or meeting at which the invention was disclosed, the opening date of the exhibition or meeting, and the date of first disclosure are required;
  • No form such as Power of Attorney etc. is required to be signed by the applicant.

A renewal fee is payable three months before the expiry of the fourth year from the filing date for an extended period of four years.